From the Principal's Desk

Dr. Anna L. Fernandes.


We belong to the Jet age – an age when speed over rules our life.  We are bound by gadgets.  We have become the slaves of these gadgets.  Soon our venture to go Cashless will succeed too.  We have become so robotic and zombies that we have almost forgotten we are special creations of the Almighty.  How many of us create that little time to ‘peep within’ or time out for ‘soul searching’ to find out reasons for the constant turbulence that most of us experience?  If we start doing this exercise we will surely realize we are burdened with too much of I-Centeredness or Me – Centeredness.  Can we not find ourselves and connect with others?  We need to go outside ourselves while simultaneously letting others inside. 

As teachers, the others in our life are our students.  Do I have that rare attribute of “Empathy” for my students? A reflection on this is necessary.  My dear students these many years you have been at the ‘receiving end’, soon the tables will be turned and you will be at the ‘giving end’.  In what measure can I create space for others to enter into my life?  Am I prepared and ready to replace the I – Centeredness with We – Centeredness. The journey is on…..It is YOU who will decide whether you will continue or give up.  It is definitely not easy but it is surely not impossible.  Have you observed it in each one of us?  Have you tried to emulate it? For, it is NOW or NEVER.

Dr. Anna Fernandes