• “Excellence always sells. Excellence is not an exception. It is a prevailing attitude.”
  • Our prime motto is to provide Quality Education and Academic Excellence.
  • Our college aims to hone the potentialities and the all-round development of the student teachers.
  • We aim at an integral personal formation of student teachers by inculcating moral & ethical values in them, enabling them to become responsible teachers of character, and motivating them to strive for excellence.
  • We work towards making our significant contribution to the improvement of the present social conditions like justice, women empowerment, equality of opportunities, etc. so that everyone enjoys a meaningful life. 


  • To develop a “can do” attitude that will stay with them life-long.
  • To ensure a sustained progress in each prospective teacher.
  • To provide a stimulating educational experience that promotes their social, emotional and cognitive development.
  • To support their desire to be life-long learners.
  • To enable them to develop the teaching competencies and performance skills for the subjects they have to teach using appropriate aids including ICT, organize supplementary educational activities and elicit community cooperation.
  • To enable them to integrate yogic health, physical, aesthetic and inclusive education with other educational activities.
  • To enable the prospective teachers to include dignity and morality of work and produce a congenial, non-threatening work culture among their students.
  • To become knowledgeable professionals, reflective teachers and collaborative leaders.
  • To value and incorporate all aspects of 21st century employability skills and to build a strong relationship/partnership with all stakeholders.
  • To provide a rich programme of curricular and co-curricular activities for student teachers for all round development of their personalities as also those of the students whom they teach.
  • To provide student teachers to understand and use formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of the learner.
  • To develop in student teachers an identity as a teacher, through school based learning experiences and reflective practices that continually evaluate the effect of their choices and actions.
  • To change the behaviour, attitude and values of student teachers so that they shape into responsible agents of change in the society in the perspective of local, national and global issues vital for human survival, development & progress.